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Shizuoka Party Night.


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  55 yrs old, Male, High School English teacher (32 years career) , assistant for exchange students from and to abroad. I have been guiding more than 10 years. Groups vary from individuals to more than 30 people. My personal interests are traveling abroad, 30 U.S cities including Hawaii and Guam Island, Mexico (10 cities), Spain (10 cities), Italy (10 cities), Great Britain (20 cities), Ireland (2 cities), France (Paris), Australia (Sydney and Perth :10 times), Thailand (3 cities) and Taiwan (Taipei). My sales point is to be guided abroad as well as guide in Japan. I like watching sports, reading, doing physical exercises and raising pets (a land turtle, parrots, a rabbit and tropical fresh water fish).




My personal information I would like to tell you



  I have a strong sense of resonsibility and accuracy on time. I always try to make a plan with care not too busy or not to be for the next destination. I never forget the word “cost effifiency” to serve every guest and to try to give extra value more than what I earn from guests. As I am also a traveler, I try hard to pay attention to every guest so that they can spend their time meaningfully in the limited time. I endeavor to be fully prepared for all the guests’ requests.




Below is the sightseeing spot I provide the guiding service.



Sightseeing spot


静岡地酒*Shizuoka Party Night (Drinking & Local Gourmet Tour !)
*Small group tour for drinking local SAKE (rice wine) at IZAKAYA (local restaurant serving fine dishes and a lot of bevarages) or bar.
*At IZAKAYA and restaurants serving local dishes within 10 minutes’ walk from JR Shizuoka station.


桜エビ、しらす、かつを*At RYO-GAE-CHO located in central Shizuoka, a lot of people gather at night. You can enjoy drinking all through the night very safely!
*Very rare sea food such as “cherry-pink shrimp” and “baby sardine” are served as SASHIMI which is not common in other areas all over Japan. A local food ingredient called “KURO-HANPEN”, which is a dumpling made from sardine mince in a half round shape, is served in a pot dish called “O-DEN” or deep dried dish. This is one of the soul foods for local people in Shizuoka. Among others, a lot of sea food such as locally grown eel, tuna, bonito as well as riches of the soil like taro potato and Japanese horseradish are found almost in every local dish restaurant. One of the prides of Shizuoka is that there is no food ingredients to be prepared in Shizuoka.
*There are a variety of local SAKE (rice wine), locally brewed beer and produced soda pops as well.


静岡おでん*Shizuoka is benefited by mild weather all the year round, with mountains (on the northen part), rivers and lakes. It also faces the Pacific Ocean, so, a variety of food and ingredients are available. The purpose of this tour is to communicate with local people enjoying local liquors and dishes loved by local residents. It is my pleasure if exchanging opinions with them in the limited hours could become a chance to come back here in Shizuoka. I would be an interpreter for you if you want.



What do you think? You may be interested?


If you wish to request my service, I will prepare a proposal of the guiding details in accordance with your budget (depending on time and date).



Guide Fee


US$ 60 for two guests, US$ 90 for up to five guests. Guide time is three hours (including traveling time)
*All are negotiable.

2名様まで60米ドル、5名様まで90米ドル ガイド時間3時間(移動時間含む)


I will introduce you the voices of customers who experienced my guiding.



  Thanks for precise explation on how Mt. Fuji has been made in such a beautiful shape.
I cleary understood why tea leaf trees are in half-ball shape.




Other Spots


Welcome you to other spots with my guiding.

Strawberry picking and visiting the Kuno-zan Toshogu shirne (January 1st through May 5th )

Sunpu castle Park and Sengen Shrine (city center of Shizuoka)

Shizuoka Party Night (Drinking & Local Gourmet Tour !)




How to request my service



  If you consider to request my service, please contact here : please inform of my code (18YMZ122ENG).

  ERF will inform me of your e-mail address, your name and other information. Then I will contact you by email.

  I will send you “my guiding proposal” by e-mail, so please read it and determine whether or not to request my service.

Please let me know if you have decided to request my service.


  ご依頼を検討して頂ける場合の連絡先です。:イーアールエフの 宛に、私のコード(18YMZ122ENG)を伝えてください。





I am looking forward to your request.

Thank you.