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erf_tour service_headStrong Point 1 : Fine communication by e-mails.

emailERF is an abbreviation for “Email Request First”. Now you see that “Respond your request nicely” is our intention. We will grasp the customer’s request firmly and propose our plan by e-mail. We will make proposals tailored to your wants as many times as you can agree with, using the benefits unique to the e-mail communication that lets you respond quickly and negotiate.

Strong Point 2 : Specialized in sightseeing spots.

kiyomizuWe will guide you throughout Japan with contents that can only be provided by local interpreters / guides. Customer will be pleased with treasured sightseeing spots.

Strong Point 3 : All are satisfied with our tour sevices.

tour_serviceSince you will have a tour planned by you and interpreters / guides after deciding guidance schedule, expenses, contents etc via e-mail communication. You should be able to get a sense of satisfaction as if you meet friends on the sightseeing spot. It is our great pleasure that you have wonderful encounters with good interpreters / guides.

We strive to be a service provider that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

I have experienced in language education business and publishing business outside of Japan for a longtime. Utilizing my 30 years experience related to the language education, I established ERF Co., Ltd in 2007. For more than ten years, many good customers have helped us. We sincerely thank you for your patronage since its establishment.

We began offering travel services in addition to translation services. I would like to keep my company ERF sticking to the quality of service even in travel business. I would appreciate your continued support in the future.13233020_1095092220555639_4498533823952229381_n

ERF Co., Ltd.

President Ryoken Fujito


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