Tokyo_Ueno, Nippori, Yanaka

I am an English guide in charge of
Ueno, Nippori, Yanaka.


Below is the sightseeing spot I provide the guiding service.


Ueno Walking Tour & Handicrafts in Nippori or in Yanaka

The tour starts with tragedy of Samurai warriors in late 19th century. Then you will get know more about Shogun history in the Edo period, visiting Ueno Toshogu Shrine. After lunch in Ueno, you have 2 options. One is visiting of Nippori Fabric Town to experience handicraft or shopping. The other is the visit of Yanaka district to touch Tokyo’s nostalgia and experience making handicraft.
OPTION 1: Shopping & Handicraft Workshop@ Nippori Fabric Town
OPTION 2: Town-Strolling, Shopping & Handicraft Workshop @ Yanaka







My personal information


  Hi! I’m from Kagoshima in Kyushu and now have lived in Tokyo for 9 years. I specialize in Japanese traditional culture, like Japanese tea ceremony and calligraphy. I also like to go and watch traditional Japanese stage performances, like kabuki, nogaku and kyogen. I’m good at introducing you to popular sightseeing spots in and around Tokyo, upgrading my communicative skills and knowledge about such things. I also like to go and eat local foods and drink at bars! If you’d book your guided tour with me in and around Tokyo, I bet you won’t get sad or disappointed!


Guide Fee


1 group up to 10 people up to 6 hours: $60


Please read my proposal carefully. I will make every effort to make your trip pleasant.

I will e-mail my proposal to you if you consider to request my service.


How to request my service


  If you consider to request my service, please contact here : please inform of my code (e10ATB293ENG)

  ERF will inform me of your e-mail address, your name and other information. Then I will contact you by email.

  I will send you “my guiding proposal” by e-mail, so please read it and determine whether or not to request my service.

  Please let me know if you have decided to request my service.


I am looking forward to your request.

Thank you.