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Around Ohmiya(Saitama City)—[1] The Ohmiya Hikawa Shrine, [2] The bonsai village, [3] Ohmiya Cartoon Museum

[1] Ohmiya Hikawa Shrine—This Shrine is said to be founded in the Kohsho Emperor’s era, more than 2,000 years ago. It is the center of many Hikawa shrines in the Kantoh distritct. You know, on the new years’ holidays, many Japanese assemble to the shrines for worship. This shrine is, of course, one of them, and the number of thepeople who visit and worship, is always among 10 rankings from the top in Japan. The road named Hikawa Sando, which leads to the main building of shrine is 2 kms long. Along both sides of the road, there are 400 zelkova(keyaki) trees. On the way to the main shrine, the big torii stands, whose name is ‘Nino Torii’, and it was moved from Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, which is dedicated to Meiji Emperor. Every spring and autumn, Gagaku concert is held in the main shrine. Gagaku means Japanese music and dance with the traditional instruments, for example Tsudumi, and many tourists and lovers visit here to see it.

[2] Ohmiya Bonsai Village—Bonsai means the art that we, Japanese enjoy by the beautiful form and structure of the low trees, for example, palm trees. Near the Ohmiya Park, there is the area where these bonsai lovers and agents live, and it is called ‘Bonsai Village’. After the World War II, these lovers increased and intruduced it to American Army. Then it was dispersed gradually and became famous all over the world. In 2008, it was designated as traditonal industry in Saitama City. In April 2017, the world bonsai contest was held here in Saitama City and many foreign lovers of bonsai attended it.

[3] Saitama Cartoon Museum—Near the Bonsai Village, there is another sightseeing place. This is ‘the Cartoon Museum’ and cartoon means ‘manga’ in Japanese. Commemorated the famous manga artist, Rakuten Kitazawa, who is a founder of Japanese modern cartoon, this museum was constructed by reconstrustion of Kitagawa’s old house. In this museum, there are not only his great works as social sarcastic manga artist but also the garden at which Kitagawa was supposed to look when being made manga.


My personality as interpretor: I live in Ageo City next to Ohmiya. Saitama Prefecture is said to be poor at the sightseeing places, compared with Tokyo. But in practice, we know there are quite a few attractive places, as I explained above. In 2020, some Olympic games(golf, basketball and so on) will be held in Saitama, and many foreign spectaters are expected to visit here in Saitama. On this occasion, I willingly take them around these attractive places in Saitama.


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  I live in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture. I was born in and come from Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu District, West Japan. After graduation of high school, I moved to Tokyo. I had been in Tokyo for the past 5 years, and have been here in Saitama for more than 30 years. Nowadays I work for the medical company, but will retire in February 2019, next year. In parallel to my work, I continue to study English and Italian languages. During the work, I also took care of some business persons from foreign countries several times. Of course, I can take them around the popular sightseeing places in Tokyo, for example, Asakusa, Meiji Shrine and so on, as Tokyo is very close to Saitama. In the pastime, the places except Tokyo for example, Kamakura, Saitama, and Northern Kanto district were also the center of politics and cultures. Therefore, I would also like to introduce them to the attractive sightseeing places of these areas.


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