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Koma Shrine.


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Koma Shrine

At the edge of Musashino-tableland at the western part of Saitama Prefecture, there is a quiet town. Its name is Hidaka. Around the Komagawa station on the Hachiko Line of JR East, it is truly countryside, in spite of the suburb of Tokyo Metropolitan Area. From the station, it takes 20 minutes on foot, or 5 minutes by taxi, and then you can see the grand gate (Torii) of the shrine with the curious polls in its both sides. That is Koma Shrine, which was founded by the old Korean people in 716 AD, more than 1300 years ago. In the ancient time, in 668 AD, Jakkou, the king of Kokuri, which was prosperous at the northern part of Korea, was fallen by Shiragi and To, which were also prosperous in the same period. After that, he came to the Musashikoku, ancient name of Hidaka area in Japan. Under the era of the Gensho Emperor, he developed this area as a leader and contributed to it greatly. After his death, the people in this region respected his achievement and worshipped him as ‘Koma Myojin’. This is the origin of Koma Shrine. The present leader of this shrine is 60th. Many historical bureaucrats became the Japanese prime minister after worshipping here. Therefore, the shrine is also called ‘Shusse Myojin’. Recently the Japanese Emperor and Empress visited here and learned about the deeper connection between Japan and Korea from ancient time, and it seems to their strong wish of better relationship among two nations. And near Hidaka town, there is another sightseeing place, Kawagoe. It only takes about 20 minutes by train. If you have enough time to stay, I also take and guide you around Kawagoe City.














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  I live in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture. I was born in and come from Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu District, West Japan. After graduation of high school, I moved to Tokyo. I had been in Tokyo for the past 5 years, and have been here in Saitama for more than 30 years. Nowadays I work for the medical company, but will retire in February 2019, next year. In parallel to my work, I continue to study English and Italian languages. During the work, I also took care of some business persons from foreign countries several times. Of course, I can take them around the popular sightseeing places in Tokyo, for example, Asakusa, Meiji Shrine and so on, as Tokyo is very close to Saitama. In the pastime, the places except Tokyo for example, Kamakura, Saitama, and Northern Kanto district were also the center of politics and cultures. Therefore, I would also like to introduce them to the attractive sightseeing places of these areas.


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Until 3 persons, $ 50 or 45 Euro/person/day


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