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  My hobby is tripping, paying visit to shrine or temple, playing with children, everything about railway. I study religious history of Japan since my attendance at the graduate school. I can also cope with any times of Japanese history. I first learned English by my parents, who really loved English, and make an effort to master English further now. I passed Eiken (Test in Practical English Proficiency)Grade 2. I wish I could be helpful for people by applying the experience I have taught for children and youths (at elementary and high school).


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Please feel free to contact me if you want to see the sight of surrounding area of this my proposal spot.All of traffics of Kyoto can be available for me, particularly how to make efficient access or to get on the bus. I would like to be helpful as possible for making your trip in Japan fun, comfortable and memorable, and please ask me for any kinds of order and question without reserve. Families is also welcome because I like baby and children very much. I will greet Japanese tripper, too.


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Sight-seeing spot:Yasaka Shrine and Maruyama Park , Kyoto


Yasaka Shrine is located in Gion ,Higashiyama-Ward, Kyoto-City, .We can arrive at this shrine about a 5-mimute walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station (by Keihan Railway) or about a 10-mimute walk from Hankyu kawaramachi Station (by Hankyu Railway), or about a 15-mimute drive from JR Kyoto station by the city municipal bus. Yasaka Shrine is known as one of very old historical shrine at Kyoto, and is guarding this city and citizens by its power about containing diseases and misfortunes. Gion-Festival and Oteramairi-Visiting , which are representative annual functions in Kyoto, are the ceremonies of this shrine. Yasaka Shrine is called “Gion-san” from ancient days, so neighborhood area of this shrine also come to be named “Gion”. And Maruyama Park ,which was a one of the precinct of this shrine until 19th century, is known as a famous and beautiful cherry blossom spots in Kyoto.



1-hour course from Yasaka Shrine to Maruyama Park

①Yasaka Shrine : Yasaka Shrine, which might be founded in the seventh century, has very old history and remarkable two points in it. First, this shrine was also a temple as well as being a shrine. We, the Japanese, did not distinguish particularly whether shrine or temple before Meiji period, and this religious custom in Japan is called “Syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism” and is known as one of aspect of Japanese religion. The former name of this shrine “Gion-sha” was consisted by words of both shinto and buddhism. Second ,it has been believed since ancient days that epidemic diseases and disasters are confined and prevented by this shrine’s deity, called “Gozu-Tennou” or “Susanowo-no-mikoto”, who can govern any kind of disasters. Since ancient days, the town of Kyoto have been hit by repeated epidemics and misfortunes many times because of its landscape, climate and political importance.”Machishu”,the inhabitants of Kyoto, hallowed terrible and holy power of this shrine’s deity and and enshrined Them sincerely so that the peace and prosperities would be brought in Kyoto instead of disasters. It is told that “Gion Festival”, which is known as most famous annual function in Japan, was started in order to quiet the power of this shrine’s deity (named “Goryou-e”) and make this Kyoto-town providential. Therefore, nowadays, Yasaka Shrine is rather supported eagerly by “Machishu”.

②Maruyama Park : The land of this park have been a part of the land owned Yasaka Shrine and its neighborhood temples until the end of Edo period. As the government of this country was changed in Meiji period, the lands owned by temples were forfeited by the country because of submission from the anti-temple sects (called”Haibutsu-kishaku “campaign). In those days, Yasaka Shrine was governed by one of authorized temple and was called by temple name “Kanshin-in Gion-sha”, so this shrine was also confiscated its large own land. In 1886, however, these confiscated lands became a park by an edict of Dajyokan (“Dajyokan Fukoku”). This new park was named “Maruyama Park”. Then, Maruyama park is famous for the place of cherry blossoms or statues of historical persons (Ryoma Sakamoto and so on).


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If you wish to request my service, I will prepare a proposal of the guiding details in accordance with your budget (depending on time and date).


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30US$ for two guests, 50US$ for up to seven guests. Guide time is one hour. All of your conditions are negotiable.


Please read my proposal carefully. I will make every effort to make your trip pleasant.

I will e-mail my proposal to you if you consider to request my service.


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