Osaka_gourmet tour

I am an English guide in charge of
Osaka gourmet tour.


Below is the sightseeing spot I provide the guiding service.


Osaka gourmet tour
As Osaka is often said to be the kitchen of Japan, visitor can easily find delicious but reasonable priced restaurants here and there. In addition to dining spots, it is also fun to visit a food market with selling fresh ingredients like marine products, vegetables and fruits, meats even sweet snacks.
1. Kuromon Ichiba food market
2. Dotombori gourmet street
3. Ohatsu-tenjin shrine and shopping alley
In particular, at Kuromon Ichiba food square people can casually taste fresh grilled shrimp, scallop, seashells etc. At Dotombori gourmet street Oknomiyaki iron plate grilled pancake, Takoyaki round shape octopus pancake, Ramen noodle which are famous local meals of Osaka. In Shinsaibashi, elegant shopping arcade, connected with Dotombori street, visitors enjoy buying lovely souvenirs.
End with visiting Ohatsu-tenjin shrine near business district, Umeda, it is characterized with tragic love story like the story of Romeo and Juliette to pray for a happy love. There are nice local restaurants nearby.



















My personal information


  I was born in Kobe 1950, and grew up in Kyoto.
I am now living in Kawasaki city between Tokyo and Yokohama. After having studied metallurgy in University, I had been working at steel company as an engineer for 40 years including an overseas expat in the Philippines. As I experienced a lot of overseas projects, I have been familiar with foreign countries all over the world. I am able to speak basic German and Filipino languages. On my past time I often enjoy playing golf and listening to music.
After having retired from a company, I’ve got a tour guide license certified by Japanese government in 2017. Since then I am enjoying a tour guide with a lot of tourists from around the world. My guiding places provided are so many, such as Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone, Kamakura, Isejingu shrine, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Mt.Koya, Kobe, Himeji and Hiroshima etc. What’s more I am willing to customize your original request.
I have second house in Kyoto. So I’d like to invite you to tatami mat room to feel traditional atmosphere in Kyoto. Please send me email. It is my great pleasure to help make a best tour plan. Thank you very much and see you soon!


Guide Fee


1. Guide fee
JPY30000 up to 8 guest.
2. Another expenses for guest
Admission fee of temples and shrines. About JPY2000 per head.


Please read my proposal carefully. I will make every effort to make your trip pleasant.

I will e-mail my proposal to you if you consider to request my service.


How to request my service


  If you consider to request my service, please contact here : please inform of my code (e25SYN306ENG)

  ERF will inform me of your e-mail address, your name and other information. Then I will contact you by email.

  I will send you “my guiding proposal” by e-mail, so please read it and determine whether or not to request my service.

  Please let me know if you have decided to request my service.


I am looking forward to your request.

Thank you.