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Kotohiragu shrine.


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Kotohiragu shrine, also called ‘ Konpira-san’ is one of the most prestigious shrine in Japan and most visited shrine in Shikoku. It is located at the height of 500 meters above sea level, halfway to the top of Mt. Zozu. Even though, Its foundation is uncertain, it has been worshipped by local residents from very old times as a guardian deity of sailors and business. So even now, many people visit here all the way coming from other regions to pray for success for their businesses. In spring, the trail leading to the main shrine building covered with thousands of cherry trees in full bloom is spectacular. You will be impressed by the panoramic views of Seto-Inland Sea and plain land of the area of kagawa prefecture. Kagawa is famous for udon-noodle. Please enjoy worldwidely popular noodle and find out the secret of the popularity of the noodle.








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  I’m a National Certificated English Guide. Actually, I’m working based in Hokkaidō. I have worked for several sports events including cycling, baseball games for international exchange. I’m a outdoor person. I love traveling. My favorite countries are New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Canada, most of Southamerican contries. I love fishing, mountaineering and eating delicious foods. I also speak Spanish, too. Please feel free to ask me anything.


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Half Day; 8000yen Full Day; 15000yen *any other expense including transport, entrance fees etc. charged extra.


Please read my proposal carefully. I will make every effort to make your trip pleasant.

I will e-mail my proposal to you if you consider to request my service.


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  I’ve been always appreciated by my customers for all my attentive supports.


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  If you consider to request my service, please contact here : please inform of my code (e36HSZ148ENG)

  ERF will inform me of your e-mail address, your name and other information. Then I will contact you by email.

  I will send you “my guiding proposal” by e-mail, so please read it and determine whether or not to request my service.

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