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There are Takachiho famous as a power spot where myths and legends remain, Aoshima Island in an atmosphere of southern country, and Obi Castle Town known as little Kyoto (nick-name for towns that resemble Kyoto) etc. There are also facilities that can sample shochu and wine, sake and can appreciate elegant glass crafts.
Moreover, Miyazaki boasts many delicious foods. Besides fresh seafood, “chicken nanban” (fried chicken with mayonnaise sauce), charcoal Grilled Chicken and Miyazaki beef, fruits such as mango and “”kanjuku (ripened) kinkan”” are also famous.

Miyazaki beef has won the Miyazaki bee many times in the Olympics of National Wagyu held once every five years.
The mango period is from May to July.
“Kanjuku kinkan” is a small orange and can be eaten with the peel.

Miyazaki beef has won the Miyazaki bee many times in the Olympics of Wagyu Wagyu held once every five years.
Seafood … Since it faces the sea, fresh seafood can be eaten.
The mango period is from May to July.
Young adults can eat the skin with small oranges.

《northern area》
Takachiho town is located in the northwest part of Miyazaki Prefecture, and there are Takachiho-kyo, a magnificent scenery, and Amanoiwato Shrine and Takachiho Shrine related to the myths of the Japan’s origins.

Takachiho-kyo is a V-shaped gorge at the upper stream of the Gokase River. The sheer cliffs of columnar Joints were created through the erosion of lava formations from Mt. Aso by the water of the Gokase River over a hundred thousand years. It is designated as both a Natural Monument and a part of Sobo Katamuki Quasi National Park.

It takes
1.5 hours by bus from Nobeoka station.
1 hour 15 minutes by car from Hiroshima Port.
2 hours by car from Miyazaki station and Miyazaki airport.
3 hours in total to Takachiho from Miyazaki station via Nobeoka (1.5 hours by train + 1.5 hours by bus).

“”Umagase””, located at the southern end of the Nippo Coastal Quasi National Park, is a deeply indented coastline with columnar joints. Among them, the cliff from the Umagase Observatory is also 70 meters high. The cross-shaped sea “”Curusu-no-umi”” is also a magnificent view.
《middle area》
It is one of the leading large tumuli groups in Japan. 311 tumuli had built from the 3rd century to the 7th century which are just known today. The scenery where cherry blossoms and rape blossoms bloom all together in spring is splendid.

Aya town in the southwestern part of Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu. is surrounded by the evergreen forest of Japan, which was registered in UNESCO Eco Park in 2012, the best in Japan.

“”Shuzen-no-mori”” and Teruha-Ootsuribashi (Suspension Bridge) are famous in this area.

Teruha-Ootsuribashi, located in the evergreen forest zone of the Kyushu Central Mountain Quasi National Park, is a large walking suspension bridge with a length of 250 m, a width of about 1 m, and a height of 142 m. It is one of the largest in the world as a suspension bridge for walking. In addition, about 2 kilometers of nature trail continue on the other side of the suspension bridge, and you can take a therapeutic walk in the forest about 40 minutes.

The industrial tourism theme park “”Shuzen-no-mori”” has a shochu factory tour. The tasting of a variety of shocyu and also other alcohol such as local beer, wine, sake, liqueurs of Unkai Shuzo are possible. There are also glass workshop and gallery, and elegant glass crafts are on exhibition.

It takes
1 hour by bus from Miyazaki Station and Miyazaki Port.
2.5 hours by car from Nobeoka station.
4 hours by car from Takachiho Gorge.

《southern area》

【Aoshima / Aoshima Shrine】
Aoshima is a small island about 1.5 kilometers away, located about 20 kilometers south of Miyazaki city, surrounded by strangely shaped rocks “”Oni-no-sentakuiwa”” called demons’ washing boards. At low tide, the rock surface appears along the coastline and it is connected with Aoshima by land, there is Aoshima Shrine in the island.

【Horikiri Pass】
Horikiri Pass is a scenic spot, where you can see the strangely shaped rocks “”Oni-no-sentakuiwa”” spreading in the Pacific coast.

【Udo Shrine】
The approach path extends along the cliff facing the Pacific Ocean, and there is a vivid vermilion-lacquered main shrine in the gaping cave. It is said that a wish will come true when “”Undama”” (Luck ball) is thrown into the rock in front of the main hall and it enters the hollow.

【Cape Toi】
You can see the grazing of Misaki-uma designated as a natural monument as a wild horse. Toimisaki Lighthouse stands on a cliff of 250 meters above sea level is also chosen as one of the best 50 lighthouses in Japan.

【Obi Castle Town】
Townscape of stately samurai residences which you can feel the atmosphere of the history still exists, and it is designated as “”the Nation’s Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings”” and is also said to be “”Little Kyoto of Kyushu””; nick-name for towns that resemble Kyoto.


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