Okinawa_Northern part of Okinawa

I am an English guide in charge of
Northern part of Okinawa.


Below is the sightseeing spot I provide the guiding service.


Tour title : The Famous Aquarium, Food, Views – Best of Northen part of Okinawa!
Tour Duration: 5 to 7 hours

The tour starts with the soul of Okinawan cuisine – the Okinawan Soba! We will visit the only restaurant where the noodles, broth, toppings…everything is made from scratch daily! The next stop is at a hillside cafe with a magnificent panoramic view of the Okinawa Beaches and surrounding islands. We’ll then go to the world famous Churaumi Aquarium. The tour can be started backwards.

For those who eager to explore more, we can visit an Awamori brewery for sampling Okinawan spirits, try the best homemade sweets in an Okinawan traditional house, and/or stop at a market street to shop for goods and sample food!


My personal information


  Born in Tokyo, raised on the east coast of Izu Peninsula, and a resident of Okinawa for almost 10 years.
After several years of working at an office job, I quit and happily became a travel guide!
I am a devoted beach person, I love natures & beautiful food and enjoy traveling abroad as well as mingling with people from different cultures.

I have guided groups and individuals with various interests, and have traveled with visitors to many remote islands! Yes, I am able to guide on remote islands in Okinawa!

I have taken visitors to all the must-see sites in Okinawa! But most of all, I love taking people to places tourists would never discover on their own. Some of the most wonderful parts of Okinawa are the local shops and neighborhoods hidden off the beaten path!

Let’s make your trip to Okinawa unique, and unforgettable!

Official/Unofficial Designations:
Nationally licensed Guide, English Interpreter, Itinerary Artist, Okinawan Food Specialist


Guide Fee


1 or 2 guests /1 to 4 hours:12,000yen ・4 to 8 hours:18,000yen
3 or 4 guests /1 to 4 hours:16.000yen ・4 to 8 hours:25,000yen
* Rates may vary by the size of group, length and destinations


Please read my proposal carefully. I will make every effort to make your trip pleasant.

I will e-mail my proposal to you if you consider to request my service.


Voices of Customers


  Some of my reviews on Tripadvisor:
“Best Guide Ever! — Unlike most other tour companies, she offers customized tours. Basically gave us recommendations after getting to know us, like an advanced google algorithm!”

“She makes Okinawa even more memorable! — She is the kind of guide that makes you miss Okinawa the moment you left and becomes a friend you want to see again.—She ensured my comfort during the while trip and paid extra attention to my dietary requirements.”

“Best Private Guide for Okinawa Adventures! — She moved hand-in-hand at our pace with ease, and always made sure our every curiosity and needs were tended to. Okinawan hospitality at its best.”

“Fun, flexible and provides a fantastic service! — I had a unique, customized, valuable experience. — I felt I was in very safe hands traveling with her and now look back on my trip to Okinawa and Japan with fond memories.”

“She is extremely knowledgeable about the local lifestyles, culture and history.—She has a passion for what she does. In addition, her English is excellent.”

and more…


Other Spots


Welcome you to other spots with my guiding.
Okinawa remote islands – Ishigaki, Iriomote, Taketomi, Miyako, Kerama islands and more!

Tokyo – REAL downtown and top notch area

My home town, Izu Peninsula and surroundings – Hakone, Shuzenji, Ito hot springs and more!


How to request my service


  If you consider to request my service, please contact here : please inform of my code (e47JYO220ENG)

  ERF will inform me of your e-mail address, your name and other information. Then I will contact you by email.

  I will send you “my guiding proposal” by e-mail, so please read it and determine whether or not to request my service.

  Please let me know if you have decided to request my service.


I am looking forward to your request.

Thank you.