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Japan tour ERF Co.,Ltd. ( Japanese Travel service company )

Japan tour Tour operator

( Registered as #20050 by the governor of Tokyo )

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As a travel service arranger
(Tour operator)


Japan tour ERF is responsible for organising and preparing any kinds of tours with our “Omotenashi”.

Japan tour To find the best accommodation for you by our visiting resorts to ascertain accommodation quality and suitability.

Japan tour To find the safest transportation by liaising with transport companies for ground travel, coach operators, airlines, hoteliers and resort reps.

Japan tour You will be pleased with agreeing service levels, contracts and costs.


As a sight-seeing interpreter matching service arranger
(Matching sevice provider)


Japan tour It will be a matching service between ERF interpreters / guides and you ( travel agencies ).

Japan tour You can select a suitable interpreter / guide from the list and send your inquiry directly to the interpreter / guide by e-mail.

Japan tour You will be receiving a proposal of the guide, it will be good for your considering.


ERF interpreter matching service


Japan tour ERF interpreter matching serviceJapan tour


ERF interpreter / guide work


Japan tour

ERF interpreter / guide gives “hospitality” as a top priority to tourists with his/her extensive knowledge of familiar local sightseeing spots.
In an advance meeting(e-mail communication) with you ( travel agency), you will see the actual interpreter / guide work is exactly “hospitality” as the top priority. They must be sure able to help you with a memorable trip.


Japan tour We can provide satisfactory services because it is interpreter / guide familiar with local tourism resources.

Japan tourFor example, interpretation / guide specialized in Meiji Shrine. Please leave it to Meiji Shrine expert guide. (Spot tourism)

Japan tour Travelers are pleased because interpreter guide can inform you of guide plans in advance.

Japan tour Provide fun interpretation information like traveling with friends by guide’s self introduction and e-mail exchanges.

Sight-seeing spot list


Japan tour Presently we are busy preparing our “Sight-seeing spot list“.

Japan tour We are planning to cover all of spots throughout the Japan.

Japan tour Please request us to inform you of spots which are not listed yet. We can provide you any information about the spot you requested.


Interpretation / guide fee


Japan tour The customer (travel agency) will pay a matching fee at the stage where the interpreter / guide requested is decided.

Japan tour Matching fee will be set for each guide case.

Japan tour We will disclose an interpreter, guide information (mail address etc.) in exchange for matching fee.

Japan tour The interpreter / guide fee paid by the customer (travel agency) will be the income of the whole interpreter


What is the profile to introduce


Japan tourIt is a summary of interpreter · guide initials, tourist spots introduction, some comments about qualification, degree information etc.

Japan tour All information on the interpreter / guide (each profile and sightseeing spot) will be posted on the individual page of the site.

Japan tourCustomers (travel agencies) will select interpreters / guides in individual pages and contact ERF. After that, the interpreter / guide will send an e-mail to the customer, and the e-mail exchange will start.

Japan tour All information (individual page) is prepared by ERF interpreter / guide in Japanese and interpreting language.


Even if your travel plan is not materialized, please contact us from the inquiry form first. ERF will contact you by e-mail, so please inform us of detailed requests etc. at the subsequent step. Well then, we are waiting for you.

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