Guide Fee

Guide Fee

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We will invoice you for the guide service fee based on your budget. We will select a suitable interpreter guide for your needs.

[Minimum Fee] Regardless of the duration of the guide service, the minimum fee is set at 20,000 yen including tax.

The guide fee varies depending on (1) duration, (2) type of activity, and (3) the rank of the dispatched guide.

In addition to the guide fee, there will be additional expenses such as (3) transportation costs, (4) meal expenses, and (5) admission fees to facilities, depending on the contents of the guided activities.

Based on the information provided in the application form, we will calculate the guide fee at ERF and inform you.

Guide Fee Payment

You can make payment using one of two methods. The first method is credit card payment. We will send you a payment page via email, and you can complete the payment by entering the required information. The second method is cash payment. We will inform you of the invoiced amount, and you can make the payment to the assigned guide.”